Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pancake Cellars - Grape Attack

This is the original illustration that I sent to Proof Marketing. After many emails and several preliminary sketches I was able flesh out their concept. This is the design that we ended up with. I'm really happy with it. Note the open spaces left for text.
This is the finished label design.

Here is a finished bottle of the wine.

I was told that this wine blend was made specifically for Trader Joe's. It's available for purchase while supplies last. There has been some chatter on the net about this wine. Here are some sites that I found that talk about it. Even though the writer for The Gourmez gets it wrong and thinks the grape character is a pancake, it's fun to read what people are saying about the label.


The Gourmez said...

I just came across this post and learned that I pegged those grapes as pancakes wrong! I blame it on the name of the brand and declare myself not guilty by association. Great artwork!

Kalee said...

This is a great wine that I buy often from Trader Joe's! It was off the shelves for quite awhile in Minneapolis but now it's back!