Friday, April 08, 2011

The Making of "Pasta Station"

I started, as always, by sketching out a design and choosing colors.

Then, I cut out the background piece.
I took it outside to spray on the colors I had pre-chosen. First a coat of Almond was applied over the entire panel.

Then I misted some Yellow and Coral on the top edge of the panel. This will create a "sunset" effect in the background.
After it dried, I took the panel inside and pulled a thick red edge all the way around.
While the red paint marker was drying, I hand-lettered the text for the top of the sign and proceeded to cut it out.

Next, I attached the text to a piece of white foam core board and cut that too, leaving a bit of the white showing. This created a nice thick white border on the text.

Then I did a pencil sketch of the next element (a heaping mound of pasta), cut it out and sprayed on a bit of color. Then I took it inside and used paint markers to flesh it out.

I attached a piece of blue coroplast to the bottom of the sign. I chose a color that closely matched the lettering. Iv'e got the lettering propped up on the sign to see how the colors look together so far.

Then I cut and hand-lettered the price panels that will be mounted on top of the blue coroplast.
Finally, I attached all the pieces to the backround panel. I taped the sign down on a piece of black foam core board and cut it... leaving a nice black border.

Here is the finished sign.

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