Friday, April 22, 2011

My art used on Dry Media Paper Pad Cover

In September, 2010 I was delighted to be approached by the people at Strathmore once again. They were re-designing the covers on their 400 Series paper pads. I was asked to create an original drawing for the Dry Media Paper Pad Cover. They asked that I do the drawing in color and that it somehow incorperate a thistle (their logo is a stylized thistle).

I was asked to keep the project a secret until it was announced at a trade show the following year. Finally the new pads were released on April 13, 2011. They are available on the strathmore website, other art supply websites and at your local art supply store.

click image, then click image again to enlarge

To see it on Strathmore's website click here.

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Sandra said...

Congrats on the commission. They made a good choice!