Friday, February 10, 2012

Strathmore Interview

A while back the people at Strathmore Artist Papers asked if I would do an interview about the 400 Series Paper Pad that I did the cover art work for. They asked me several questions including what I thought of the paper itself. Although I'm a big fan of Strathmore products and have tried many of their papers, I had never used this particular paper before. I have to say that I was very impressed with it. I will definitely be using it in the future. They also asked me what artists inspired me. I actually had to think about that question for a long time. I mean, of course I have been inspired and influenced by other artists, but I've never spent any real time considering that question. After I did, I was somewhat surprised by the list I came up with. For instance, Norman Rockwell topped the list! It makes sense because I remember being mesmerized by his magazine covers at a very early age. I am influenced to this day by the faces in his paintings. They are so expressive and full of detail. The other question that I spent a lot of time answering was the one about what advice I would give to beginning artists. I really enjoyed answering this one because I love to teach people, especially about making artwork.

I did my best to answer all their questions. If you would like check out the interview, it's on the Strathmore Artsits Paper site right here.

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