Monday, October 17, 2011

The Making of: Halloween Event A-Frame

With Halloween quickly approaching, it was no surprise to me that I would end up creating some kind of creepy character. I was asked to create a 5'-6' tall A-Frame sign in the shape of a "kid friendly" witch to promote a Halloween event.

I started, as always with my preliminary sketch.

Then I started drawing on a full sheet of foam core board using my sketch as reference. Looking at the drawing, you can see that I was working out the design further... changing and developing it as I went. Then I started cutting the drawing into a template so I could use it to make two panels (one for each side of the A-Frame.

Here is the finished template. Next, I took a fresh sheet of foam core board and traced through the template on it. Then I took another sheet of foam core board, flipped the template and traced through it to make the design in reverse (the second side of the A-Frame).

The next step was to mist on some color, right over the traced drawing on each panel.

Here is one of the frogs after I sprayed in the background color and then markered in the details.

I used the template to trace and cut two cauldron shapes out of Navy Blue Coroplast. These will be added onto the top of the finished panels at the end to create a layered effect.

Here is one of the finished background panels. It's red Coroplast with a mist of Blackberry Design Master spray paint at the top. The last step before assembling all the pieces was to marker in all the color and detail on the witch and the cauldron.

The Finished Piece

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